Snaps for Sinners
Steamy Americana-Swing served up Hot & Saucy
July 13, 2019
7:00 PM

Snaps for Sinners is a saucy swing ensemble hellbent on making people dance and have a good time, while also delivering a powerful progressive message that inspires empathy and altruism. With influences ranging from traditional Jazz to Folk-Punk to Country, Snaps for Sinners is dedicated to creating an all-inclusive experience through the blending of multicultural arts. With the upcoming release of their new album, “The Cat’s Medicine” and the kick off of their 3rd national tour, Snaps for Sinners has been igniting audiences nationally.

Michael Fierro is a multi-instrumentalist, and the lead singer, songwriter and sound engineer for Snaps for Sinners. His songwriting captures the underrepresented aspects of human nature, from our limited self-awareness to our daydreams, and from how we can be crippled by our accomplishments to the ways we can learn and grow from our faults. Michael’s poetic words, coupled with music inspired by genre transcending bands such as Gogol Bordello and Modest Mouse, are sung with sultry smokiness and gritty intensity.

What the Critics Say

“Raised the roof, nearly blew the doors off; best first-time booking ever.”

—Joe Seta, Manager

Sequoia Room

“Snaps for Sinners have curated their own house shows, pursued radio appearances, booked west coast tours, played multiple festivals, built premium online content and recorded an album. This is already miles ahead of most bands in our area that have been trying for years.”

Bryce Dow-Williamson, Marketing Director

Second Octave Entertainment

“I think they’ve written 50+ new songs in the time I’ve known them and they have enough breadth of skill and sound to handle a variety of audiences.  I foresee them continuing on this path, as the size and number of their gigs keeps snowballing.

“The breadth of songs, their musical sensibilities and their abilities to self-promote are why booking them for the SF Free Folk Festival was a Success.”

—Jeremy Friedenthal, Co-Director
San Francisco Free Folk Festival

Corwin Zekley: Quickly gaining recognition as one of the fieriest fiddlers of their generation, Corwin performs and composes in a multiplicity of styles ranging from Hot Swing to Celtic to Blues and beyond. Corwin was born into Mastery— they had a violin in their hands before they could walk or talk, and the beautiful redwoods of Northern California soaked rich musical heritage into Corwin’s deep roots. Their 2018 graduation from the Berklee College of Music with a degree in songwriting only furthered their relentless growth into the virtuoso they are today. Corwin has played over a thousand shows, performs with and manages Snaps for Sinners, and uses the ineffability of music as both a completion of self and as a vehicle for expressing what words cannot.

Jay Drapes: On Jay’s first day of college they got into an argument with the dean of the political science program over constitutional theory. They promptly dropped the major and decided that music was the only way to impact real social change. Now, nine years later, Jay has become a manager, promoter, and teacher, as well as a self-taught nationally performing musician with their brain child, Snaps for Sinners. Whether with Bass, Guitar, Accordion, Trumpet, or the simple power of words, Jay’s passion and drive is for calling people in, rather than calling them out, and they use the co-creation of music on their travels as a means to bridge our country’s social and political divides.