Auburn House Concerts offers private acoustic performances in an intimate setting at our home in Auburn, Placer County, California.

We began hosting house concerts in the fall of 2007. Our house has a fabulous living room space, with hardwood floor and high ceiling, that is just made for music. We also know lots of marvelous musicians, so this is a perfect fit.

If you have never been to a house concert then you must attend one: you're in for a treat! Seeing artists perform ‘up close and personal’ is a very different experience than you get in a nightclub, concert hall or festival. Minimal (if any) amplification is used, for one thing. The audience gets a chance to meet the artist after the performance.

Check out the videos made at some of these concerts.

Below is the list of musician who have performed at Auburn House Concerts.

  1. BulletSteve Baughman–acoustic guitarist Steve Baughman returned (Baughman & Herold, 2010) for another fine afternoon of music. Ken Risling opened the show with a couple original songs. We are looking forward to his concert coming up in April 2018.

  2. BulletFour Shillings Short (Aodh Og O’Tuama and Christy Martin) gave a delightful show, with more instruments on stage than any other concert here! August 2017.

  3. BulletThe Quitters played a lively show, with many old favorites, to an audience of fans. Right-side up finger picker (Stevie Coyle) and upside down flat picker (Glenn Pomianek of Houston & Jones) make up this duo. May 2017.

  4. BulletHattie & Joe Craven gave us a delightful celebration of music, marrying world and folk music with pop culture, with a few old standards thrown in for good measure. March 2017.

  5. BulletArchie Fisher sang both traditional and original songs from Scotland, accompanying himself on guitar. We had a mighty session afterwards, Archie joined us, trading tunes and songs with Peter Grant. November 2016.

  6. BulletNoctambule performed many original tunes using lyrics from the poetry of Theodor Roethke, W.H. Auden, Stephen Vincent Benét, Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes, Jenny Joseph, Robert Service, Pablo Neruda, Lord Tennyson, Edna St. Vincent Millay. Expert mandolin and guitar accompaniment. August 2016.

  7. BulletKeith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham sang English traditional and traditionally influenced contemporary songs for an enthusiastic house. May 2016.

  8. BulletAndrea Beaton, Dick Hensold & Dean Magraw playing music from Cape Breton for fiddle, pipes and guitar. The exuberant Celtic music of Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island reflects the dance-driven rhythms of the ancient strathspeys, reels and jigs, played with joy and drive on the fiddle, pipes, and guitar. May 2016.

  9. BulletDebby McClatchy lived most of her adult life near Roaring Spring, in the Appalachian Mountains, she was born in San Francisco in 1945. Her father's great grandfather came from Ulster during the famine, was a 49er in the gold rush, and founded northern California's leading newspaper, The Sacramento Bee. Debby’s road retirement concert here at AHC was full of family and friends. What a joy. Debby plans to continue playing locally, just not hitting the road any more. November 2015.

  10. BulletThe Rosin Doctors left the bagpipes in the car, but still managed to please with both traditional tunes and some very funny original songs. September 2015.

  11. BulletSeabury Gould delighted us with the poetry of Rumi, tributes to Pete Seeger, traditional celtic music as well as some humor. August 2015.

  12. BulletAthena Tergis and Mick Moloney joined forces for an intimate afternoon of Irish & Scottish traditional music and song. March 2015. In 2018 a full day started Athena holding a morning fiddle workshop, Mick giving cultural illustrated talk after lunch, then the concert was capped off with Alasdair Frazer joining in for a couple of tunes after the break.

  13. BulletNuala Kennedy delighted the Thursday not full house with song, whistle and flute tunes. She was joined by Eamon O’Leary on the guitar with a couple of songs of his own. February 2015.

  14. BulletAmelia Hogan with Ray Frank on guitar. An enjoyable afternoon. Amelia sang with a sweet style, and no pretension. December 2014.

  15. BulletRadim Zenkl drew many mandolin players then wowed them with a spectrum of original and folk music including swing, bluegrass, flamenco, gypsy and Irish.  November 2014, December 2016.

  16. BulletMargaret Miles was joined by Ray Frank as well as 3 members of Kitchen Cinq. They performed Margaret’s original songs as well as traditional ballads and jazz standards. The audience sang along with gusto. September 2014.

  17. BulletHouston & Jones filled the house with foot tapping music, stellar guitar and an appreciative crowd. July 2014, June 2017.

  18. BulletMollie O’Brien & Rich Moore. June 2014.

  19. BulletCelia Ramsay & Dave Nachmanoff, Northern California singer-songwriters, teamed up for another acoustic duo show, with Dave and Celia accompanying each other on their original songs. March 2014.

  20. BulletStory Road. Acclaimed traditional musicians Colleen Raney, Stuart Mason, John Weed, and Johnny B. Connolly teamed up to become one of the most exciting new bands on the West Coast. March 2014.

  21. BulletMichael Mullen; A Trio of One. As a solo performer on violin, guitar, and voice, Michael created a rich layered sound by looping the music created live, building from a single instrument up to a finish that was powerful clever and satisfying. July 2013.

  22. BulletAn Evening of Harmony. Sylvia Herold felt that her voice, along with Michael Black's clear tenor, and Doug Olsen's deep bass would provide an interesting mesh of sounds.  This Auburn House Concert was their premier performance. December 2012.

  23. BulletKevin Carr entertained us with My Grandfather's Fiddle, a show consisting of fiddle tunes, bagpipe melodies, songs and stories from Ireland, Quebec, Galicia and other green places. He played fiddle, banjo, uilleann pipes, Scottish smallpipes and Galician Gaita. September 2012.

  24. BulletKyle Alden & Athena Tergis joined with the spirit of the great Irish poet and playwright William Butler Yeats. The concert featured Songs from Yeats' Bee-Loud Glade, a collection of 13 of Yeats’ poems. Athena’s fiddle workshop was inspirational and practical as expected. February 2012, March 2013.

  25. BulletLou and Peter Berryman began their musical partnership in high school in Appleton, Wisconsin, way back in the sixties. Sixteen recordings and three songbooks later, their intelligent and wickedly funny material is never bawdy or risqué but is rich with wordplay and witty images. This duo is not to be missed. January 2012.

  26. BulletPatrice Haan is best known for her sultry and seductive vocal performances with Tony Marcus in the Oakland-based jazz ensemble Leftover Dreams. Her tunes are often described as beautiful, gorgeous, poetic and evocative, healing our souls and our heartache with the palpable love and the poetry of the music. November 2011, May 2013.

  27. BulletFrankie Armstrong beloved British folk singer and educator toured with Linda Allen, songwriter and educator. August 2011. We were fortune to have them to recognize the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in California (the sixth state to approve women's suffrage in the United States.) August 2011.

  28. BulletKristina Olsen is a multi-instrumentalist as well as an award-winning songwriter with a big bluesy voice. Her mix of powerful songs ranging from sassy bottleneck blues to lilting ballads to swing jazz to raunch and roll (as well as her hilarious storytelling) makes for a diverse and satisfying musical experience. July 2011.

  29. BulletMegan McLaughlin honed her skills as a street performer in Paris before moving to California, where she developed an innovative guitar style. With just a hint of irony, she describes her musical genre as "girl with guitar". April 2011.

  30. BulletBaughman & Herold–Well known around the world, acoustic guitarist Steve Baughman offers transcended instrumental music with heart and spirit. Sylvia Herold delivers assertive guitar work, presenting songs with a clarity that is both honest and uplifting with her captivating voice. October 2010.

  31. BulletRebecca TroonAward-winning songwriter and recording artist whose goal is to be a source of love, inspiration, and healing through music. July 2010.

  32. BulletEuphoniaA café-style acoustic combo featuring soaring harmony vocals and sophisticated musicianship. September 2009, June 2012.

  33. BulletHoldstock & MacLeod–Enthusiastically performing together for over twenty-five years, with authentic renditions of the songs of their homelands. July 2009, February 2014.

  34. BulletBryan Bowers–Virginia born singer, story teller and virtuoso autoharp performer. May 2009, May 2010, May 2011, May 2015, April 2017.

  35. BulletJim Malcolm–Scottish born singer, songwriter and lead singer with the world-renowned Old Blind Dogs. February 2009,  January 2010, February 2011, February 2013, January 2017. What time does the Super Bowl game start?

  36. BulletGerry O’Beirne–Irish born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist; 6 and 12 string guitar, tiple, and ukulele, slide guitar et cetera. November 2008, October 2009, April 2013.

  37. BulletChris Caswell–Celtic Harpist who plays the tin whistle, Irish flute, highland bagpipes, tar (lute), English concertina, chromatic button accordion, harmonium, tambura, bodhrán, congas, briefcase, tambourine and Scotch snare. He also sings and writes wonderful songs. Chris was joined by Myra Joy on violoncello. November 2008, March 2010.

  38. BulletPaddy Keenan–Irish born founding member of The Bothy Band, acknowledged as the most accomplished uilleann piper performing today. August 2008 and October 2012.

  39. BulletTommy O’Sullivan–London born singer songwriter performs traditional Irish and American as well as contemporary songs. August 2008.

  40. BulletPete Grant–California born Auburn musician performing on dobro, banjo, and pedal steel guitar. Pete has backs up the featured performers. August 2008, November 2008, April 2011, May 2011.

  41. BulletLegacy with Valerie Plested, Don Penzien and Justin Murphy–Traditional Irish music and song from the southern states; fiddle, guitar, whistle, bodhrán, flute and vocals.  July 2008.

  42. BulletNotorious with Eden MacAdam-Somer and Larry Unger–Traditional and contemporary acoustic music from around the world.  July 2008.

  43. BulletMelanie O’Reilly with Sean O'Nuallain and Richard Tibbitts or Frank Martin–Irish born singer songwriter who blends traditional Irish music and jazz; vocals, guitar, flute and whistle. November 2007, March 2009, May 2016.

  44. BulletStevie Coyle–Entertainer and musician, fingerstyle and lap steel guitarist/vocalist. September 2007,  January 2009, November 2010, June 2017.

Check out the videos made at some of these concerts.

Auburn House Concerts
         Acoustic performances in an intimate setting.

Linsey Aitken & Ken Campbell are professional acoustic musicians from Scotland, with a second home in Italy, touring internationally throughout Europe, Russia, USA and beyond, this will be their first visit to Auburn House Concerts, as part of their fourth US tour.

In 2016 they sold out our own concert at Celtic Connections Festival in Scotland, and are now returning to the USA playing 11 concerts. Amongst many great evenings on these USA tours, they played the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, along with their guests the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers, and also a concert in San Francisco Bay on board the Scottish built Balclutha square rigger, for whom they wrote a song “The Bonny Ship Balclutha” which will be on their new CD.

Their Unique Songbook and Music combines an unusual blend of instruments and pedigrees plus vocal harmony–self penned and traditional songs and tunes, encompassing a host of subjects, contemporary and historic, all with Scot's related themes, all about people with wonderful stories to tell...

Linsey and Ken's story weaves together their many creative musical threads and influences from Celtic traditional roots, classical, baroque, orchestral and contemporary Scots music, where historically all genres were interlinked to form Scotland's musical identity...

Linsey Aitken—a highly regarded 'cellist, singer, pianist, and composer crosses the genres of classical to traditional, using her 'cello very much up front unusually as a lead instrument with a deeply lyrical and sensual tone. Her distinct, warm vocals bring a round balance that compliments Ken's own distinctive voice. She studied at the RSAMD, has performed professionally all over the UK from The Royal Albert Hall to Calgary Bay, Mull and overseas, and established The Loch Lomond Ukulele Orchestra in 2014.

Ken Campbell—a Scottish singer/songwriter and instrumentalist with five albums to date and a well established pedigree over 30 years. Starting with Glasgow band Molendiner, then a much commended duo with Chris Miller [Piper's Maggot—Topic Records, London] he then established the highly successful Ideal Band. He subsequently toured as a solo artist, and with Cauld Wind Piper Hamish Moore, cellist-singer Wendy Weatherby, and Blair Cowan [Lloyd Cole & the Commotions] before re-forming The Ideal Band. Linsey Aitken joined The Ideal Band, and subsequently in 2010 she and Ken commenced touring as a duo with a CD Kith & Kin released in 2014, and another, Shore & Shore, to be released spring 2018.

Linsey Aitken 
    & Ken Campbell
From Loch Lomond, Scotland
Performance: Sunday
May 6, 2018, 3:00 PM
What the Critics Say
Listen to Their Music

“Wonderful, your music truly unites people, fantastic ambassadors for Scotland, and very talented musicians. What wonderful songs and music you’ve composed.”  —City Days Festival, Russia

“A simply beautiful sound, each song an absolute gem” —Maverick

“Distinctive vocals and original songs, a smattering of trad. arr – distinctive flavours of ’cello.”  —R2 [Rock & Reel magazine]

“Absolutely gorgeous songs, see them live and enjoy an evening of great songs and music.”  — uk review

“A welcome showcase of extraordinary varied talents, strong yet sensitive singing, collected gems from old sources, and a canny ear for current songs from Scotland.”  —Folk Roots

“One of Scotland’s most distinctive duos, with their wide ranging influences and unusual instrumentation” —Celtic Connections Festival

“Your concert was incredible—we loved your music, your presentation, your obvious love for what you do, and for your audiences.The magic showed on our audience’s faces, thank you. We would be thrilled to have you back.” —Willits Theatre California USA May 2016