Farewell To The House, Chris Caswell

May you find home.
Farewell To The House, Chris Caswell with Myra Joy (2008).

Here’s to Chris Caswell (1952-2013) and the music you brought us, To the tunes, and the laughter and the whisky also, Late nights of harping and drumming and piping, You’ve giv’n us far more than you know. May you find home, home, wherever you roam, Though night and storm lay between us. Home, home, the morning will come, With friends to restore us again.

Chris Caswell appeared at Auburn House Concerts in 2008, and sang this song, Myra Joy accompanies his harp on cello. Chris wrote Farewell to the House in 1983.

Recorded at Auburn House Concerts, November 8, 2008.