Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) situation?

In 2023 we have resumed our house concert series. In an effort to reduce crowding, we limited attendance to around 30 people. In 2024 we eased back into the pre-Covid protocol, allowiing food and not limiting attendenace.

We have notice that audience members are carefull about staying home when they think they may be infectuous. Hardly anybody coughs any more 🙂

If/when someone who attended a concert tests positive for Covid, Auburn House Concerts will immediateley send an email to the other attendees (assuming we are notified).

How much does it cost?

Auburn House Concerts provides the venue, the artists provide the entertainment, the audience provides their time and appreciation.

At the door before the concert we collect donations for the artist. The suggested amount is shown on the concert announcement page but normally it is $25 US.

All moneys do directly into the artists pocket, Auburn House Concerts does not take a cut.

The performers are here to bring joy into your life and your time/attention/appreciation are what they live for. If you know someone who "can't afford" the suggested donation make a reservation and ask them to attend with you as our guest (the donation is a donation, not a ticket price).

What’s your return policy?

Auburn House Concerts actively encourages all of our friends to return again and again.

What about food and drink?

The Auburn House Concerts venue does not provide food or drink per se; the audience member bring snacks and beverages to share (potluck).

How many seats are there?

We typically seat 30 - 40 people. However, with advanced reservations we are able to accommodate up to 50 folks.

Last minute signups (did not make a reservation in time) may be possible especially if you are bringing your own chair. Please call ahead.

Can my email address be sold?


Is the house wheelchair accessible?

Pretty much; there is a low step from the patio into the house. Let us know ahead of time and we will reserve a parking space in the garage. A brick path leads around to the door in the back where the concerts are held.

Not Secure?

There is a 'Not Secure' indicator in the address field of this website. Do I need to worry?

Not at all. We don't use the site for commerce (no use of passwords, credit card numbers, or receive sensitive financial data) plus we don't keep any identity information on the site. Our email list resides on a different computer.