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Dick Hensold & Patsy O'Brien


November 17

3:00 PM

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Dick Hensold & Patsy O'Brien
Traditional Celtic music with unique and innovative arrangements accompanied by guitar and Northumbrian smallpipes.
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Auburn House Concerts (AHC) offers private acoustic performances in an intimate setting at our home in Auburn, Placer County, California.

We began hosting house concerts in the fall of 2007. Our house has a fabulous living room space, with a hardwood floor and high ceiling, that is just made for music. We also know lots of marvelous musicians, so this is a perfect fit.

If you have never been to a house concert then you must attend one: you're in for a treat! Seeing artists perform ‘up close and personal’ is a very different experience than you get in a nightclub, concert hall or festival. Minimal (if any) amplification is used, for one thing. The audience gets a chance to meet the artist during the mid-concert break as well as after the performance.

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AHC Videos

Check out the videos that have been shot during some of the AHC performances.

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